Elon Musk’s Twitter reign already paying huge dividends with glorious return of Tommy Robinson

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Elon Musk’s commitment to free speech is already paying dividends after convicted fraudster, stalker, and assaulter of police officers Tommy Robinson was welcomed back onto the platform.

Robinson, who has been removed from numerous social media platforms over the years for his repeated belief that the rules and laws of the land don’t apply to him, has seen his return celebrated by precisely the sort of people you would imagine celebrating such a move.

Elon Musk fan Simon Williams told us, “Free speech means having to listen to things we don’t like, so even though Tommy Robinson is demonstrably an awful human being, I am going to celebrate his return to this social media platform, because that’s what good Elon simps do.

“If you don’t like it when he inflames racial hatred, or jeopardises lengthy criminal trials, or threatens journalists, then simply block him and move on with your day.

“If there is one thing history has taught us, it’s that if you ignore awful people long enough, they eventually go away all by themselves.”

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