Nadine Dorries reveals disability as millions change their perception of her from ‘malevolent harridan’ to ‘dyslexic malevolent harridan’

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Nadine Dorries has revealed that some of her public gaffes are the result of Dyslexia, changing the perception of her among the public from simply being an awful human being, to being an awful human being with dyslexia.

Dorries revealed the diagnosis on Twitter after being roundly mocked for her apparent ‘ad hoc’ and unprepared comments delivered via video on social media over the last day or so.

However, far from earning her the sympathy she craves, it has merely made people realise that she isn’t just an awful person, she’s an awful person with dyslexia.

Voter Simon Williams told us, “Dyslexia didn’t make her campaign to reduce a woman’s right to choose. Dyslexia didn’t maker her oppose same-sex marriage. Dyslexia didn’t make her fabricate content for her Westminster blog. Dyslexia didn’t make her consistently vote against helping the disabled. Dyslexia didn’t make her vote to cut funding to children with special educational needs, like her own. Dyslexia didn’t make her eat an ostrich anus for money on television when she should have been in parliament representing her constituents. Dyslexia didn’t make her condemn disabled people who use Twitter as being ‘clearly fit for work’. Dyslexia didn’t make her think public broadcaster Channel 4 gets licence fee money. Dyslexia didn’t make her try and get a journalist sacked because he held her to account. None of that is because of dyslexia.

“Her dyslexia doesn’t make her unqualified to be the nation’s minister for culture and sport, being a dimly-lit empathy vacuum being does that all on its own.

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