Vladimir Putin introduces new Russian army uniforms

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As Russia expands military conscription in an attempt to regain the initiative in Ukraine, the army has introduced new uniforms to raise morale amongst troops.

Pictures on Russian state media showed Putin inspecting a recent batch of recruits modelling the new uniforms, which were described as best supporting the operational reality of the modern Russian soldier.

At the same time, the army is to be restructured from current Battalion Tactical Group structure into what will now be called ‘Away Teams’, to better represent the situation on the ground.

Presenters on Russian TV were full of praise for the new uniforms, with anchorman Simonov Williamsovitch describing the new design as ‘genius, which will strike fear into the hearts of our enemies’.

“Made of a sturdy, tissue-thin nylon and decorated in the rich, red of the blood of the Russian people, our new uniforms are perfection itself,” he said, going on to praise Putin whilst an angry-looking man in a black suit hovered just off camera.

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“Our leader is sending our brave boys into the Ukrainian operation – with our soldiers secure in the knowledge of the trust shown in them and the high regard for their lives these new uniforms demonstrate.

“Of course they’ll come back. Of course.”

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