Man says things other people disagree with, gets own TV show

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A man who regularly says things that other people disagree with has been snapped up for a prime-time weekly show which will allow him to say things people disagree with to a much larger number of people.

“This guy is incredible, he’s really going to shake things up, he literally says something and lots of people disagree with it,” said producer Anton Phatbeats.

“I mean, what a hook, right? Actually, saying something that other people disagree with? That is so much more interesting than those boring old losers who tell jokes, or sing songs, or provide insight into current affairs.”

The show will begin with the man saying things that people disagree with for about ten minutes, then an attractive woman will appear and read out things that people have said and the man will disagree with them. Finally, a quite famous person will have a conversation with the man in which the man will say things that the famous person disagrees with.

Mr Phatbeats gave some examples of the sort of things the man will be disagreeing with.

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“Cats are nice, the ocean is big, ice-cream tastes good, it’s quite warm today – this guy disagrees with all of these, and much, much more.

“First time I saw him was on Twitter when someone posted a video of Tylor Swift’s Shake it Off saying that it was brilliant and the man, get this, said it wasn’t! Incredible!”

The show – Actually, I Disagree – will go out at 8pm on Wednesdays and, inevitably, will have some sort of accompanying podcast.

As well as Actually I Disagree, there is also rumours of a woman who says things other people find unpleasant being given a three-hour radio programme each weekday morning.