Tories warn of ‘dangerous precedent’ if leaders can not simply apologise and keep their jobs after breaking the law

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The Conservative party has today warned of a ‘dangerous precedent’ if ministers who break the law are not allowed to go back to their day jobs after a simple apology is forced out of them months after the fact.

Senior Tories have warned of ‘grave consequences’ if MPs deem Boris Johnson to have misled parliament when he misled parliament over the parties that were held at his house.

“We would urge MPs on all sides of the house to seriously consider what would happen next if they decide that Boris Johnson should face proper consequences of his law-breaking actions.

“A decision like that could set the precedent that any MP caught breaking the law, especially one they helped craft, could not only be found guilty of breaking that law, they could also lose their job for being a massive law-breaking hypocrit.

“Can you imagine how many sleepless nights that would lead to on this side of the house?

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“Is that the sort of society we want to live in? Where politicians who break the law face real consequences and could lose their jobs if found to have engaged in illegal activity?

“We are confident that ahead of Thursdays vote, all MPs, or at least the ones we are allowed to threaten on this side of the house, will vote to ensure that rich and powerful people who’ve bought their way into parliament can once again stay free from any real consequences of their actions.”

“MPs getting away with things is what made this country great, and we can’t just decide it’s no longer for us simply because the woke brigade is upset about a little bit of law breaking.