Woman who watched Man City vs Atletico Madrid match can’t understand why male footballers are more emotional than women

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After the Champions League quarter final between Man City and Atletico Madrid descended into repeated outbreaks of handbags at ten paces, women everywhere have asked why male footballers are so emotional.

Sharon Williams, a football fan from Basingstoke, was watching the game with her kids and told us, “It’s silly really, these men are so emotional – it all comes flooding out uncontrolled when they should remember they are professional athletes.

“It happens at all levels of the men’s game, the slightest little incident on the pitch is enough to throw them off their game completely and the emotion overwhelms them.

“Last night was supposed to be a showcase for some of the most talented players in the world – certainly some of the highest paid – and yet it descended into the sort of name calling and hair-pulling that wouldn’t have looked out of place at my five-year-old’s birthday party.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw a 20-person melee in the women’s game. Probably never. But there it was on our screens tonight with all these impressionable children watching.

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“Offering to fight in the car park? Seriously, they should learn to keep their emotions in check like their female counterparts.

“I’m sorry if that seems unfairly harsh on male footballers, but the reality is there to be seen by everyone.

“Men are just too emotional to play this sport at the very highest level.”