‘I think my £50 fine is MORE than punishment enough for breaking the law’ insists billionaire’s son-in-law Rishi Sunak

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Billionaire’s son-in-law Rishi Sunak has insisted today that the whopping great fifty pound fine which he is due to imminently receive from the Metropolitan police is more than enough punishment for breaking the law, and should therefore be the end of the matter. 

With news emerging that both he and the Prime Minister are set to receive fixed penalty notices for attending parties during lockdown, Rishi Sunak has looked to defend his position immediately stating that the costly fine, which will come out of his own pocket, is punishment enough for their crimes and they definitely shouldn’t resign.

Speaking earlier he explained, “Yes, this fifty pound fine will definitely teach us a lesson.

“It’s a pretty severe fine if I’m honest, and I’ll have to pay it myself, unless the wife chips in – but she is quite thrifty when it comes to her money.

“Obviously it’s clear that we have broken the law, which we actually set as a government, having told millions of people to suffer immeasurably in isolation.

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“So we accept we will have to pay the terrible price for that crime, which will hit me pretty hard given that I am not even a billionaire myself yet and haven’t really got fifty quid to be just throwing around the place willy nilly.

“I just hope we can draw a line under this once I have paid the fine, which I reiterate is out of my OWN pocket, a good two weeks before pay day.”

Asked if he thinks the Prime Minister should resign having been proven to have broken the law he told us, “Erm….. yes.

“Does that mean his job will be up for grabs?”

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