Boris Johnson is facing further fines for breaking the law during lockdown, what do YOU think?

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rish Sunak are facing £50 fixed penalty notices for breaking the law by having an illegal gathering during lockdown in December 2020.

We sent out reporters out on to the street to find out what you thought about the nation’s two highest ranking politicians breaking the law. This is what you told us:

“Well, either Boris is too stupid to understand his own laws, or he’s a liar who deliberately misled parliament. Either way, he is clearly perfect prime minister material and so he has my complete and unwavering support.”
Sharon Smith, Fisherwoman
“Look, we all make mistakes. And sometimes we have to pay the price for those mistakes. Fortunately the price for their mistakes this time is £50, which fortunately enough is bugger all to these lads, so let’s just move on, yeah?”
Dave Matthews, Former band leader
Dominic Raab popinions disguise“I think they should both be fired immediately, and whichever handsome MP happens to be next in line should become prime minister at the earliest possible opportunity.”
Dominic Barb, Builder
“Fifty quid is nothing. They should have been fined at least ten-grand for shoving all that lovely wine in a suitcase. Bloody Philistines.”
Gordon Walters, Amateur Somelier
“I’m sure this is all just one big misunderstanding. The misunderstanding being that the prime minister didn’t know he also had to abide by the laws he made.”
Joanne Matthews, Reptile Educator