Adorably naive woman thinks THIS is the thing that will bring down Boris Johnson

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After the prime minister was handed a £50 fine for breaking the law during December 2020, which in turn means he misled parliament, an adorably naive woman has convinced herself that THIS is what will being down Boris Johnson.

Sharon Williams, 35, from Basingstoke cheered when she saw the news of the fines being given to Johnson and Sunak.

“This is it, THIS is the thing that will finally bring him down,” she wrote on social media, to the surprise of her friends who just want to gently pinch her cheek and ruffle her hair.

“She’s just soooo cute,” said one friend.

“Just look at those eyes, so earnest in her belief that criminal wrong-doing and lying to parliament would have any sort of consequences to a man like Boris Johnson. She’s just totally adorable.

“She keeps in insisting that this time it’s different, that this time people will say enough is enough, and that this time he will be forced out of Downing Street.

“It doesn’t matter that all available evidence points to the contrary and that Boris will inevitably emerge in a week’s time as if nothing has happened – she still genuinely believes his time is up.

“I can’t bring myself to tell her the truth – it’s like when a nine-year-old asks you if Santa is real. What’s the harm in letting them believe in their fantasy for just a little bit longer.

“They will be faced with the grim reality of adult life in the UK soon enough, so you let them believe a little bit longer.

“Which is why I gave her status update a heart and a party hat emoji in the comments. I just want to let her enjoy that feeling for a little while longer.”