‘Yeah it was a diamond encrusted solid gold iPhone Pro Max’ insists devastated Everton fan’s mum

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The mother of a football fan who had his mobile phone broken by Cristiano Ronaldo at the weekend has insisted today that it was a brand new diamond encrusted solid gold iPhone 13 Pro Max. 

Sharon Williams, who also said the phone case was made of crystal revealed the news earlier after learning that police were investigating Ronaldo for slapping a mobile phone out of her son’s hand. 

Speaking earlier she revealed, “Yeah it was made of gold and platinum I think. Very expensive stuff.

“It was a really extravagant phone. The most expensive phone you could ever imagine, and we’d only bought it last week, and had it diamonds encrusted in it too.

“It was an iPhone 27 or something, or whatever the latest one is and it had loads of apps which we had paid for, and £800 credit on it.

“I think it was solid gold as well and the phone case was made of some sort of special crystal, because that was what he wanted for his birthday, but unfortunately we didn’t keep the receipt which is a bit of a shame really.

“Anyway, we will happily take a cash settlement in order to get a new one and hopefully put this whole unfortunate episode behind us.”

Asked how much they are willing to accept for the broken mobile phone we were told, “Seventy two thousand pounds should do it.”