Man joins Manchester Airport check-in queue for summer holiday in August

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A man has joined the check-in queue at Manchester Airport today, ahead of his upcoming summer holiday in August. 

Simon Williams, who has been closely following the carnage at the airport, and airports around the country, arrived at the check-in earlier hoping to have arrived early enough to get through security in time to catch his flight to Spain in August. 

Speaking earlier, from the back of a 28-mile queue he told us, “I should have come last week thinking about it.

“I don’t think I’ve given us enough time here, this is a total schoolboy error.

“We decided to book a family holiday abroad and were really looking forward to getting on a plane again and having a nice relaxing break.

“Then I saw the news about how long it was taking people to check in, and actually get through security because of a complete lack of staff.

“So I worked out how long it was taking people on average to get fully checked in, and decided we needed to set off today, for our flight on 10th August.

“Hopefully things will get moving pretty quickly because ideally I need to be checked in and through the gates waiting in the passport control area by the end of May to give ourselves a chance.”

Asked if he has made sure he has no liquids in his hand luggage in order to speed things up he told us, “Oh Shit”