Leave rich wives alone, we only care about knowing where every penny comes from if you are poor, insists Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson has waded into the row over Rishi Sunak’s by wife insisting everyone should leave her alone, as the government only has any interest in forensically examining where every penny comes from if your spouse is poor.

Johnson was speaking after the financial affairs of Akshata Murty, Sunak’s wife, continue to be investigated and discussed in the media.

Boris told reporters, “Akshata has done nothing wrong, I can not stress that enough. Not one law has been broken and that is important to remember.

“I mean, yes, technically speaking those laws are written by us, and we could change the unfair ones if we wanted to, but we are a bit busy right now with deciding if trans athletes can compete in sports, or not. That’s the pressing issue of the day, the one to which I am willing to devote precious ministerial time.

“Rich spouses of high-profile politicians should never be subject to a forensic examination of their finances, such intrusions should be reserved for Universal Credit assessments with the Department of Work and Pensions.

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“Those are the only circumstances when someone should have the right to know where every single penny of your income comes from – when you are genuinely poor.”

Mother of two and supermarket worker Sharon Williams told us, “My last assessment for tax credits was more invasive than a smear test, but apparently, if I’m a billionaires daughter they’ll leave me well alone and take my word for it.

“That’s good to know. In the next life I’ll just come back rich, it does seem much easier.”