Jimmy Carr’s tax affairs were immoral, but Rishi’s wife is not a politician so leave her tax affairs alone, insist Tories

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Conservative politicians who climbed over each other to criticise the tax affairs of comedian Jimmy Carr when it was revealed he used perfectly legal schemes to reduce his tax liability, have today insisted that people leave Rishi Sunak’s wife alone because she’s merely using perfectly legal schemes to reduce her tax liability.

After new emerged that Rishi Sunak’s wife is domiciled in India for tax purposes, despite living in the UK with her husband and children, Tory MPs have been quick to point out that simply being married to a politician is no reason to publicly speculate on the morality of their tax status.

Tory MP Simon Williams told us, “I was one of the first to criticise Jimmy Carr for his immoral use of the perfectly legal loopholes we refused to close – and rightly so. How dare he try and save money on his taxes by using avoidance methods that we ensured broke no laws whatsoever. It was disgusting.

“But bringing Rishi’s wife into this for doing much the same thing is completely wrong. I shouldn’t have to explain why it’s different this time, which is why I’m not going to attempt to so.

“Just because a woman is married to the nation’s accountant is absolutely no reason to question her avoiding paying taxes as a UK resident using of the very rules he is in charge of.

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“She was born in India, and remains domiciled in India. As is her right. Just because she lives here with her husband and children is no reason to question the non-dom status for which she will have had to apply.

“Yes, she will have had to apply to the government for that non-dom status. The same government whose second in command happens to share her bed.

“I’m sure it’s all absolutely fine. Move along now. Nothing to see here.”