The government is planning to sell off Channel 4, what do YOU think?

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The government has announced plans to put Channel 4 into the private sector, ending a 40 year run as a publicly-owned but commercially funded channel.

We sent our reporters out onto the street to ask what you thought about it, and this is what you told us.

“I’m devastated. I love nothing more than relaxing on a Friday night with a nice glass of wine to enjoy this week’s wide selection of cocks and fannies on Naked Attraction. Are the new owners keeping it?”
Deidre Williams, GP
“It’s a strange one. If the government of the day starts undoing things implemented by Margaret Thatcher because they are ‘too socialist’, then it’s probably time to start worrying.”
Mike Chomsky, Plumber
“If privatised, Channel 4 will be able to compete artistically with the nation’s commercial channels, and maybe one day it will also be able to broadcast such culturally enriching content as me eating the anal sphincter of a recently deceased Ostrich.”
Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary
“I won’t miss it. Television is the REAL opiod of the masses. Which is why I only watch YouTube.”
Derek Williams, Amateur Epidemiologist
“Good. It’s time the tax payer stopped funding Channel 4. And I won’t let a little thing like the fact that Channel 4 is entirely funded by advertising and does not take any tax payer money whatsoever dissuade me of that opinion.”
Tracey Logan, GB News contributor