Southampton FC widely condemned for failing to keep a Covid-denying conspiracy theorist as ‘the face of club’

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Southampton football club have been widely condemned by the football community for their decision to remove a Covid-denying conspiracy theorist as the club’s most recognisable brand ambassador.

Matt Le Tissier has been forced to step down as a club ambassador, in a move widely criticised by the hard of thinking as ‘cancel culture gone mad’.

Southampton season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “I can not believe Southampton has gone full-fascist. You never go full fascist.

“Just because Matt Le Tissier thinks Covid is a scam and that footage of war crimes in Ukraine could be faked or the result of a false-flag operation is no reason to think he can’t do a good job as the face of Southampton football club.

“If anything, he’s bringing in new fans to the club with his outspoken views. After his latest set of tweets I hear we suddenly have dozens of new fans in the Kremlin alone.”

Football analyst Alex Matthews told us, “Well well well, if it isn’t the consequences of his own actions.

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“For a man who likes to think the world is riven with secret conspiracies run by global elitist money men, I find it hard to believe he didn’t see even the remote possibility of an employer being so embarrassed by an employee talking nonsense in public that they would have to let them go. It’s not exactly Hercule Poirot level stuff.

“I would say it has tainted his legacy at Southampton, but I’m not sure he actually has a legacy?

“I mean, like Matt Le Tissier has said himself, the media often lies, and so you can’t trust videos you see in the media, and given I never saw him play for Southampton in person I guess we’ll all have to assume he never really did.”