Woman’s slow and inevitable transition towards becoming her mother almost complete

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A woman who spent most of her life believing she was nothing like her Mother has now accepted that she’s actually been slowly morphing into her since her late thirties. 

Tamara, a mother of two from Hertfordshire told us, “I first noticed it when my children were a few years old and doing something naughty. I’d be on my own with them in a room and suddenly hear my Mother’s voice appear from nowhere.

“She was coming out with her all old favourites, like ‘God give me strength’ and ‘Who’s she? The cat’s Mother?’ Then a few weeks later I realised the sound was actually coming from inside my mouth. It was terrifying.

“Come to think of it… When did I start calling them ‘naughty’ instead of ‘little bastards’ like I used to?”

After attempting to reverse the process without success, Tamara has now begun to accept it. 

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She went on, “I tried everything to fight it at first. Experimenting with Ayahuasca, getting my labia pierced, joining Momentum… But now I’ve made peace with it and started a quilting circle.”

Tammy’s husband Simon says, “It’s just a matter of time now before she starts using talcum powder and upping our garden centre visits to three times a day. And then I’m definitely off.”