Boris Johnson was given ‘wrong information’ on whether lockdown parties he attended were held at Downing Street, insists Jacob Rees-Mogg

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Boris Johnson was given the wrong information on whether the lockdown parties which he definitely attended were held at Downing Street according to Jacob Rees Mogg. 

With questions surrounding the Prime Minister over whether he misled parliament over his knowledge of illegal parties at his own house, Jacob Rees-Mogg has immediately looked to defend the man he wants to be his best friend, insisting he was given completely wrong information about whether the parties took place, while he was at them. 

Speaking earlier he told us, “Yes, it’s not Boris’ fault at all.

“The Prime Minister was specifically told by his staff that there were no illegal parties held at Downing Street, and that he was not in attendance at any of them, even though there were illegal parties, and he was in attendance at some of them. 

“That’s why he stood up in Parliament and told the British public that no rules had been broken on more than one occasion, because nobody had told him he was at the parties, that took place in his house.”

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“Obviously this proves that he has done nothing wrong, because quite frankly unless you are actually told about a party at your house, which you also attended, then how are you supposed to know there was one?

“I hope this draws a line under this fluff and we can get on with lying about something else and completely get away with it.”

Asked if the Prime Minister should have actually known himself that he was at a party in his home we were told, “Did you not see how much wine was brought in?”

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