Man puts BBQ back in the shed and promptly gets out his sledge

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A man has put away his barbecue today after a lovely time last weekend in the garden and immediately got out his sledge so he can play in the snow with his kids.

Simon Williams, who is still a bit sunburnt from the weekend, decided to get out his sledge and his ski jacket after looking out of his window this morning and seeing that it was actually fucking snowing.

Speaking earlier he told us, “What the fuck? I was boiling my tits off at weekend, and spent all day Saturday in the garden and even had a lovely barbecue in just as T-shirt.

“I even played golf in my shorts on Sunday, before going for a nice pint in the beer garden, because the weather was fucking glorious and summer was definitely here.

“Now I am getting the sledge out of the shed, and layering up like a bastard, because its absolutely freezing, and I can hardly feel my face.

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“It’s taking the piss man, I have no idea what season it is, or what to do with the heating. Do other countries have to put up with this shit or is it just us?

“I can’t wait until the weekend when I go out to watch the football with my big coat on and end up almost dying of heat stroke because it will probably be 32 degrees.”

Asked if he could just either look outside, or perhaps check the weather on his phone, before deciding on what to wear he told us, “But then I can’t moan about it can I? Fuck’s sake.”