Energy firms patiently waiting to hilariously reveal it’s all an April fool

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Those pesky prankster energy firms are patiently waiting to tell everyone that this is all an April fool. 

With the cost of gas and electricity apparently rising by up to 40% in homes across the country, bosses at all of the leading energy companies are giggling away in their offices patiently waiting to tell us all that it was just an April fool. 

A spokesperson for British Gas revealed, “I’m saying nothing… he he…

“Yeah… honestly, we are putting the cost of your bills up by 40% overnight. We are really doing that… it’s definitely not a joke we promise. A full 40%

“It’s not part of some elaborate prank where we come up with some outlandish figure which would actually cripple millions of people…. We promise… <wink wink>.

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“And we are going to do it again in October…. honestly…. this is definitely not an April fool I promise…he he… We are really doing it.

“All we are saying is that there may be a little announcement after midday that you might want to hear… bearing in mind what day it is… ha ha.

“You lot are soooo gullible.

Asked if they have actually started taking money off people though at the new extortionate rate we were told, “Yes. Yes we have.”