Covid sceptic doesn’t understand why Ukrainian refugees are fleeing a war that has killed less than 0.1% of the population

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A man who thought that Covid-19 was a ‘no big deal’ and ‘just like flu’ also thinks that Ukrainian refugees fleeing a war zone are ‘massively over-reacting’.

“It’s mass hysteria,” Simon Williams told reporters. “Look at all these Ukrainian refugees running away when statistically speaking if they just carried on as normal most of them would probably survive the war with all their limbs intact.

“It’s also clear from the statistics that only certain demographics are considered ‘high risk’, Ukrainians for example. I’m not part of that high risk group, so what’s the problem?

“I fail to see why these Ukrainians are making such a fuss. The economic damage caused by the refugee crisis is way worse than the war. I mean, I just made that up because it fits my narrative but I’m going to keep saying it like it’s a fact.

“It’s like I always say, what’s so bad about large numbers of people suddenly dying, anyway? You’ve got to die one day, why not today? But when I say it, everyone looks at me like I’m a total nutter. And then the flight gets delayed while the airport police escort me off the plane.

“If you ask me, this Russian invasion is just the means for a sinister, authoritarian government to extend its power.

“Wait, what? This time it really is an attempted power grab by a sinister government? Wow, bloody hell, I’ve been saying that about everything from Covid to the TV licence fee and I have to admit, it’s actually quite nice to finally be right.”

You can donate to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal to support refugees fleeing the war by clicking HERE.