Heroic Ukrainian resistance inspired by belief repressive Russian regime will impose draconian mask mandate

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The heroic Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion is inspired by a belief and fear that a potential Russian regime would impose that most draconian and repressive of measures on its population – a mask mandate.

“Putin and his people in charge are one of the most repressive regimes in the world,” explained a Ukrainian soldier.

“If he were to take over here then we would expect the worst. Control over free speech and media. Political opponents eliminated. But worst of all. The most terrifying thing to any free people – the imposition of a mask mandate.

“Making people wear a mask when they go into a shop is something only the most brutal of governments would ever do, and that is why we will continue to fight, and we will fight for as long as it takes.”

The Putin government has said it has no plans to introduce any mask mandate in Ukraine.

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“Introduce a mask mandate? Why do people think that we are such monsters?” said a representative of the Russian government.

“We would never do such a thing.”

However, the Ukrainians remained unconvinced.

“We do not trust them,” explained another soldier on the front line.

“They say they wouldn’t introduce mask mandate. Maybe they wouldn’t. Not straight away. But, after a few months, when the world is looking somewhere else, they would do so. Those bastards would make us wear masks.”

The soldier then went back to the fight. A small picture of a mask with a cross through it etched into her helmet. A symbol that she will continue to fight against the worst thing a government could do to a people.

Make them wear masks.