Will Smith slapped Chris Rock over a joke about his wife, what do YOU think?

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Will Smith has caused Oscars controversy by storming onto the stage to slap present Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife’s bald head.

We sent our reporters out onto the street to ask what you thought about it, and this is what you told us.

“It was horrible to watch. A man that size and who trained to play Muhammed Ali hitting a man with an open-handed slap? And Rock was perfectly open for a right-cross. If I was Will Smith, I’d be ashamed of myself.”
Simone Williams, Boxing Trainer
“Look, if you can’t make a joke at the expense of a woman’s auto-immune disorder in front of millions of people without someone stepping in to give you a slap then the Nazi’s might as well have won.”
Dave Smith, Hairdresser
“It’s a shame, because it completely overshadowed the thrilling contest for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Now we might never know who won.”
Shane Richtea, Movie Critic
“I once punched a man to defend my wife’s honour. He accused her of cheating at cards. I mean, she was cheating at cards, but the punch I threw created enough of a distraction for us to make off with the loot.”
Derek Matthews, Card Sharp
“People will criticise Will Smith for resorting to violence when he really should have used his words, but he’s not a professional comedian, and a comeback jibe that dies on its arse would have been even more humiliating, so yeah, the slap was definitely his best bet.”
Sharon Fowler, Veteran of at least 200 public slaps