Will Smith makes biggest hit in years

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Will Smith has finally landed a hit.

The actor has been on a run of unsuccessful films, including King Richard, which was acclaimed by critics but only seen by nine people.

But the Men In Black star is back on track after landing a big hit at the Oscars.

Will Smith landed a big hit right in Chris Rock’s face following an unpleasant but fairly mild joke at the expense of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will’s wife.

“SENSATIONAL!” gushed critic, Simon Williams.

“Stunning and brave. Brave and stunning. A tour de force. A wake-up call for us all, Chris Rock in particular.

“This isn’t one of those ones where critics rave and the public stays at home. The peasants are giddy about this just as much as we are.

“A big hit for Will Smith in 2022. There’s something none of us thought we’d say.”

Chris Rock commented ”I’m still reeling from the experience.

“Will has produced a hit for the ages that will stay embedded in my heart and etched upon my face for years to come.

“What a master of the craft. If he keeps having hits like that, perhaps one day he’ll be able to afford a sense of humour.”