Outlawing woke ideas vital to ensure free speech, insists irony-free Dominic Raab

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TripAdvisor Top Reviewer and part-time Justice Minister, Dominic Raab, explained that his proposed British Bill of Rights Act was vital to protect freedom of speech from being endangered by freely expressed ideas from people who don’t vote conservative.

He went to on, “We are seeing the greatest threat to freedom of speech in our lifetime as long as you don’t count the Official Secrets Act, the Terrorism Act, the Video Recordings Act, the Racial and Religious Hatred Act, our Bill to ban loud protest, all our libel laws and pretty much any communications law passed in Northern Ireland until the nineties.

“But this threat is not from corporations using super injunctions to silence whistleblowers or government heavy-handedness against its critics. The real danger comes from small groups of vocal young people holding banners and people on Twitter making #TheSeaWasClosed trend.

“Average Britons with their own talk radio slot or tabloid newspaper columns are terrified that they will see a completely harmless virtual mob descend on them if they so much as make a tiny joke about exterminating Muslims during their frequent appearances on Jeremy Vine.

“People have seen their opinions lose them their day job and left them solely dependent on a much more lucrative career as a far right grifter.

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“That is why we will pass a law guaranteeing that no student will be allowed to walk out of a room when Rod Liddle makes jokes about raping schoolchildren. And to make sure no one is silenced again, we will make it illegal to talk about boycotting things or people you don’t like.

“For the first time in decades, we will finally get to hear the unfiltered, unrestricted opinions of wealthy middle-aged white men.”

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