Conspiracy theorist claims Oscars slap was ‘staged by crisis actors’ after discovering both men involved have their own IMDB pages

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Conspiracy theorist Simon Williams has declared the Oscars’ slapping incident a ‘false flag’ that clearly used paid crisis actors.

As the world watched open-mouthed as Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, Williams was quickly on the case to prove that all is not as it seems.

“It had all the hallmarks of a false flag operation,” insisted Williams, “in that I wanted it to be a false flag operation and seized an opportunity to make myself look clever.”

“Sure, the Academy wants you to believe these two grown men were involved in a genuinely violent confrontation, when the reality is nothing of the sort.

“They want the viewing figures, and that’s why the two men involved are ACTORS.

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“Don’t believe the media, there was no real slap, it was faked, they learn that at stage school. If you look them up you can find their IMDB page, which shows they are clearly out of work actors who no doubt got paid handsomely to drive viewers to the Oscars coverage.

“One of them was in an episode of Miami Vice back in 1987, and the other was in some sitcom in 1990. Nothing about this is at it first seems, like all the things I tell you about.”

“I am very clever and enlightened, unlike you sheep, so I am definitely right about this.”