Comedy Central Roast of Will Smith suddenly struggling to hire comedians

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Will Smith’s appearance on the next episode of popular comedy show Comedy Central Roasts has suddenly been put in jeopardy after organisers admitted they are struggling to recruit comedians. 

The show, which sees a host of celebrities and comedians perform a series of no holds barred ‘roasts’ on each other during the episode, made the announcement earlier.

A spokesperson for the Comedy Central confirmed, “Yeah, it’s looking like we might have to postpone it indefinitely.

“We have decided the pull the Will Smith episode from our latest Comedy Central Roast series, because, you know, staffing issues.

“We had plenty of people lined up, but for some reason they’ve all suddenly found themselves double-booked, or washing their hair or something. 

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“Obviously we would have loved to have had Will Smith on the show, and there was a number of hilarious quips which could be made at his expense, based on his career, his looks, his love life, but unfortunately those jokes will have to wait until we can hire some comedians to sit within striking distance and deliver them.

“We are sure that Will would happily laugh most of them off, like almost all of our guests do. But for some reason the whole comedy industry has suddenly decided that taking the piss out of Will Smith in front of people at a large show is just not a great idea.

“And on a separate note, his wife looked amazing. Can you tell him I said that please. In case I ever meet him.”