Man secretly vaping on the bus definitely ‘getting away with it’

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A man discreetly vaping on a bus has definitely got away without anybody noticing, by only blowing out gently downwards towards his legs.

Simon Williams, who also vapes in the pub using exactly the same discreet method emerged from a thick cloud of smoke earlier to get off a bus without anyone noticing that he had been vaping throughout his journey. 

Speaking earlier he told us, “You’ve just got to blow it slightly downwards, and cover the vape with your hand.

“I got on the bus earlier for the eight minute journey to work, and realised that I hadn’t had a puff on my vape since just before the bus arrived at the bus stop.

“So I had to have a sneaky little puff or two because I had a good six minutes before I was getting off the bus and I couldn’t possibly wait that long.

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“As long as you cup the vape in your hand and blow out the tons and tons of thick smoke very gently when you exhale then nobody has a clue you’re doing it – it’s an absolute piece of piss.

“I tend to look out of the window too, whilst blowing the smoke the other way and I just look totally innocent. Nobody says a word.

“Well to be honest I can’t actually see anybody else on the bus – I can’t see my hand in front of my face -but I assume they have no idea anyone is vaping because it’s a really clever way of doing it.”