Nazanin should be grateful for release after 6 years in prison, insists man who asks for the manager after 6 minutes on hold

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A man has taken to social media this morning to call Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe ‘ungrateful’ after she complained about five foreign secretaries over six years failing to secure her release from Iran, despite the fact he often asks to ‘speak to the manager’ when he is kept on hold for more than five minutes.

Zaghari-Ratcliffe told a press conference yesterday that “what’s happened now should have happened six years ago”, with her comments were seen by any right-minded individual as ‘entirely correct’. However, some sections of society have decided to criticise her as being ‘ungrateful’, even suggesting the nation should ‘send her back’.

One such individual, Derek Williams, told us, “She should be grateful we got her out at all. I don’t care that she’s a British citizen who should expect her government to do everything in its power to secure her release from despotic regimes, the fact they got out of there eventually should be enough for her to spend the rest of her days bowing at the feet of whoever is Foreign Secretary this week.”

However, when it was pointed out that Williams has an extensive track record of asking to see the manager when presented with minor inconveniences, he told us, “That’s very different.

“Everyone knows that minor inconveniences are the ones you should complain about – it’s the major ones about which you should express public gratitude when they’re fixed. The bigger the inconvenience, the smaller the complaint should be – everyone knows that.

“Yes, I asked for the manager and complained when BT kept me on old for six minutes – and why shouldn’t I? That was a minor inconvenience to me, and therefore fully worthy of a significant complaint.

“And yes, I complained loudly and often to the supermarket manager during the two years in which I was asked by his staff to wear a mask for about half an hour while I did my shopping. It was inhumane, so of course I complained.

“Are you now suggesting I should be grateful that those mask restrictions have been removed? Don’t be ridiculous. I should never have been subjected to such a despotic mask regime in the first place.

“But that’s very different to Nazanin. Six years in an Iranian jail is nothing compared to two years of being asked to wear a mask in Tesco, so she has nothing to complain about.”