Ivan Drago issues heartfelt video message to Ukrainian people to just let Russia win

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Ivan Drago has issued an emotional heartfelt video message on YouTube direct to the Ukrainian people, to just let Russia win the war.

With a similar message from Arnold Schwarzenegger asking Russians to stop the war currently tending in Russia, boxer Ivan Drago who narrowly lost in a famous brutal encounter with America’s Rocky Balboa has taken to YouTube to beg the Ukrainian population to stop shooting back at them.

Speaking in his 9 minute clip he urged, “We must break you.

“I have seen the clip from Arnold Schwarzenegger, and it’s a load of shit. He’s totally making it up.

“Just like when I beat Rocky in that fight. It should have been stopped much earlier by the referee, it was a total fit up.

“But I digress.

“Putin is a really good guy and he’s only invading your country because erm…. you know… Nazis or something.

“So I am urging you as a friend to lay down your arms and stop fighting back, as this is proving much harder than we actually expected and its getting really annoying.”

Asked if he is being paid by Putin and was not even Russian, but just a Swedish actor we were told, “I find that very offensive, but yes.”