Pressure on Vladimir Putin reaches critical levels as NewsThump stops selling products in Russia

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NewsThump needs your help

Russian President Vladimir Putin is facing mounting pressure from the people of Russia after NewsThump was the latest major brand to stop selling goods in Russia.

The NewsThump store, which sells a range of wildly-popular T-shirts and mugs, has made it impossible to place an order if you live in Russia, and experts are warning that this could well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If it wasn’t already broken due to being ridden by a topless maniacal despot.

Russians will now be deprived of access to some of the best-selling funny T-shirts available online, and maybe forced to drink from mugs that include no pithy comments whatsoever.

Lecturer in International Economics Simon Williams told us, “Economic sanctions are obviously our main tactic against Putin, but until now we couldn’t be sure that they were actually working.

“But now? I’m not sure how long he can hold on to power now that the Russian people can’t but a ‘Make Orwell Fiction Again‘ T-shirt from the NewsThump Store.

NewsThump Hoodies

“The Russian people will tolerate a lot. The closure of McDonald’s, Netflix going offline, or even a prison sentence for spreading ‘Western’ news items; but take away their option to buy T-shirts paying homage to some of the greatest comedians of the 70’s and 80’s? No, that is a step too far, even for them.

“Putin’s time is almost up, that much is clear, and I have little doubt that NewsThump will have played a big part in that – and my opinion has nothing to do with them giving me a free Cabinet of Arseholes T-shirt.”