P&O sacks 800 workers, what do you think?

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P&O Ferries have sacked 800 workers with immediate effect, with the sacking delivered via a three-minute pre-recorded Zoom message from the CEO. We sent our reporters out onto the street to find out what you think about it.

“It feels to me like P&O did the right thing, it’s certainly how I’d like to go when my time comes, peacefully in my sleep without really knowing it was coming. Oh – they were sacked? I thought they all died? That’s actually awful!”
Diedre Matthews, Nurse
“I would tell them to look on the bright side, I hear there are plenty of fruit picking jobs that have just become available.”
Trevor Picknall, Farmer
Dominic Raab man on the street“It’s a shame, but we don’t really have much use for ferries in the sunny uplands of Brexit because everything imported and exported actually goes by lorry. I learned that today.
Dominic Raab, Former Brexit Secretary
“If I was one of the 800 people on that ship, I’d steal it and make a run for it. I think I saw a documentary once where a guy did something similar. Keanu Reeves was in it.”
Derek Matthews, Documentary film-maker
“People will no doubt criticise the CEO for firing 800 people with a 3-minute pre-recorded Zoom message, but these are very busy people, and he probably had a tee-time he had to make.”
Naomi Gielgud, Primary School Teacher