Jim Davidson quits to become comedian

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Jim Davidson has dramatically announced that he is quitting in order to fulfil his lifetime ambition of becoming a comedian.

He has been in his current career for his entire life and despite being at an age when many people would be considering retiring and taking it easy, Jim is going to try something completely new – making people laugh.

“All my life, I’ve wanted to be a comedian,” said Davidson.

“To go up on stage, tell my jokes and make an audience laugh. I’ve always wanted to know what that feels like. It must be pretty amazing. I’d love to do that.”

He is preparing for his new career by taking an online joke-writing class.

“I’ve got to be honest, writing jokes is really hard. I don’t think I really understand the concept. You say something, then you say something else that is related in some way to the first thing you said but is unexpected, surprising and delightful.

“I keep trying but everyone else on the course just looks cross with me when I say the unexpected surprising thing. Sometimes, even before that.”

Despite the difficulties of the course; Jim is determined to not give up on his ambition.

“No, no way. Definitely not. They say that anyone can become a comedian, so why not? Why not me?” He said, with real passion.

“Look, if I work really, really hard then I think there’s a chance that one day I’ll say something that makes someone laugh, and that’s going to feel amazing.”