Barcelona to receive €0.01 per goal under new sponsorship deal with Spotify

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Barcelona FC has announced an innovative new sponsorship deal with Spotify which will see the club earn just over €0.01 for every goal scored in the renamed Spotify Camp Nou.

The club hopes the new four-year deal will present a pathway to untold riches, just like the thousands of naive bands who have put their music on the streaming platform.

Spotify executive Simon Williams told us, “We have always been generous to the creators of original content, and now that generosity has been extended to the creators of goals in the Spotify Camp Nou.

“There is no limit to the earning potential of this Barcelona team, and the financial incentive is right there as plain as day.  This could be the most lucrative sponsorship deal in the history of sports, all they need to do is score about twenty-million goals every game.  It is up to them now.”

Barcelona fan Antonio Williams-Lopez told us, “I am delighted we are finally emerging from our financial problems.

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“Being paid per goal is just the incentive this team needs.  And on the plus-side, every single Madrid fan with a Spotify account is now paying for us to score goals.