Protester who staged live protest on GB News only seen by eight viewers

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A female protester has appeared behind GB News present Nigel Farage in an apparent attempt to tell viewers the truth about the coverage shown on the channel.

The woman, believed to be Simone Williams, was a producer on the show but could no longer stomach the output she was expected to help put on the nation’s airwaves.

Shortly after Nigel Farage’s programme began, she appeared over his left shoulder with a sign that read, “They are lying to you. This an outrage factory and you are being rolled off the production line.”

Williams has been praised for her bravery, with many believing it may have helped those viewers watching to realise they are consuming propaganda, not becoming better informed.

The protestor was on screen for a total of eleven minutes, because even the people who work on the show can’t be bothered to watch it when Nigel Farage is bloviating on whatever issue it is this week that he feels will get him the most airtime.  She was eventually removed, despite Farage remaining oblivious to it all.

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A spokesperson for GB News told us, “To be honest, we’re hoping all of her friends and family were watching, as numbers like that would do wonders for our viewing figures.

“We would like to apologise to all eight viewers, and to promise that if another protester appears on one of our live shows, we will do everything in our power to have them removed in three or four minutes – tops.

“Unless it drives a few viewers our way, in which case they can stay indefinitely. Even rubber-necking eyeballs are attractive to advertisers.”