“He’s done so much for us” – Chelsea fans defend Lex Luthor’s ownership of the club

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As Chelsea’s controversial owner Lex Luthor leaves the club, fans have been defending his time in charge.

“Yes, okay, So, Mr Luthor may have launched a load of missiles at the San Andreas fault in an attempt to knock California into the sea causing the death of millions. I accept that, we all accept that,” said Chelsea fan Simon Williams.

“But that’s got nothing really to do with Chelsea football club and when you look at what he’s done for us. It’s brilliant. He’s brought in the likes of Drogba, Kante, Hazard. We’ve won the Champion’s League twice and the Premiership multiple times.”

Fan Eleanor Gay felt the club was being picked on.

She explained, “Just because he tried to team up with General Zod to help him take over the world, then sink America and replace it with a new continent, and then made Batman try and kill Superman for reasons that are still pretty unclear.

“Just because of all that, it’s us, the Chelsea fans, who are being punished. I think it’s pretty disgusting really, and you know, you shouldn’t try and mix up politics and football like this.”

Whilst fans of other teams are enjoying Chelsea’s current ownership woes, there are concerns that, with Darth Vader owning Man City, Baron Greenback in charge at Arsenal, and Sauron recently having taken over at Newcastle, it may be time to look at the sort of people we let use the biggest sports clubs in the country to launder their money.