Supply issues mean June, July, and August may not happen this year

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There is increasing concern that problems with the global supply chain may mean that June, July and August won’t happen this year, making Summer just a couple of days at the end of May and then the first two weeks at the start of September.

“People think that we get all our months locally, but that’s simply just not the case,” explained Jeremy Phatbeats, Professor of Made-Up Things at Camford University.

“We naturally have a very cold and damp climate in this country, so whilst that’s good for winter months like November and February, if we want warmer months like June, then we’re going to have to import them from warmer countries.

“However, it’s not as simple as that. There isn’t one single warm country that can supply the rest of the world’s summer months, so you get a couple of weeks in July from Southern Italy and the first half of June from Portugal and maybe even a couple of days in August from Cyprus.”

The combination of Brexit, the pandemic, and fuel price rises have meant that being able to secure all those months has proved increasingly difficult in recent years.

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“Last year, we were very lucky to get August Bank Holiday. That only arrived on the Friday before,” continued Professor Phatbeats.

“We’ve been lucky. Very lucky. That’s not going to continue, and if we don’t want June to happen sometime after October and July in the New Year then we need a robust plan to secure a reliable supply of Junes, Julys and Augusts for the years to come.”

It is thought that the government has tried to strike a trade deal for supplies of summer months in exchange for months native to the UK, but it has proven surprisingly difficult to find a market for more Januarys, Februarys, and Marches.