‘Ed Sheeran stole my song too’ says man who once said ‘shape’ in his bedroom

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A man who once said ‘shape’ whilst writing a song in his bedroom has demanded a large cash settlement from singer Ed Sheeran for clearly stealing his song.

Simon Williams, who also used the word ‘love’ in 1998 made his claim earlier after reading about the star’s ongoing legal battle over the origin of part of his 2017 hit Shape of You.

Speaking earlier, a visibly angry Williams raged, “He owes me millions, the bastard.

“I saw the story on the news about these guys claiming Ed Sheeran had ripped off part of their song, because one of the lines is quite similar, and I realised he’d actually stolen from me too, and now I also want a massive pay-out.

“I specifically used the word ‘shape’ in my 2013 hit song, which was popular around my estate anyway, called ‘Let’s make some Shapes’ which is about dancing and stuff, and is proper sick, like.

“And if that’s not evidence enough, the word ‘love’ is used repeatedly throughout my own song, albeit in the line ‘I really love throwin’ shapes bro’, which again I want paying out for.

“Coincidence? I think not mate. He’s a fucking thief and clearly took my words, and I’ll take the bastard to court, or alternatively accept a nice out of court settlement of a few thousand quid or something.”

Asked if it is possible that two different songs could actually contain the same word having not been copied off each other we were told, “It’s TWO words mate. Shape AND love! See you in court.”