We are the real victims of this war, insist Chelsea fans

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Victims of war come in many shapes and sizes, and despite the fact that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a thousand miles away, some of the hardest-hit victims are in and around Stamford Bridge, according to Chelsea fans today.

As new sanctions against owner Roman Abramovich limited many aspects of the football club, including the club shop, commercial activities around playing staff and the sale of new tickets, many fans have insisted that they are the real victims in all this.

Season ticket holder Simon Williams told us, “This is a club built on the foundation of a Russian billionaire oligarch funnelling dubiously sourced cash in our general direction, and as such, it should be considered a war crime to take that away from us.

“Just because we’ve enjoyed the numerous benefits of a bottomless pit of oligarch cash for almost twenty years, doesn’t mean we should have to suffer a single day of inconvenience when that oligarch is sanctioned.  Sanction him, yes, but not the things he owns and makes money from, that’s just not fair.

“The fans didn’t do anything wrong. We are all innocent, yet we are the ones being forced to suffer, even more than the Ukranians, according to RT, anyway.

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“If one of your friends or family gained a load of money through dodgy means and bought you a nice big house and a posh car and loads of nice stuff, it’s not like the police could just turn and take it away from you because of who paid for it

“Oh. They could? Right. Well, that’s not fair either.”

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