Embarrassed Roman Abramovich has card declined at Aldi

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Roman Abramovic has embarrassingly had his card declined whilst trying to do his big shop at Aldi.

The Russian billionaire and current owner of Chelsea Football club, which is now worth almost 20p had the unfortunate incident this morning, whilst shopping at his local Aldi supermarket

Checkout worker Simon Williams revealed “Cringe! It was a little embarrassing for me as well to be honest.

“I spotted Roman earlier doing his normal weekly shop, and stocking up on ‘Nordpack’ for his toast, with a multipack packet of pickled onion ‘Monster Claws’ which he absolutely loves.

“He had that dazed and confused look on his face as normal where he doesn’t seem to know what’s going on, but he was quite cheerful, until he tried to pay with his card.

“He tried it three times and it just kept saying declined, so he got out this other card, which was all gold and shiny, but that one didn’t work either and he had to put his shopping back and leave the store in shame.

“I’ve no idea what’s going on because I thought he was rich as fuck, and this kind of thing normally happens to poorer people who have gone completely overdrawn.”

Asked if he managed to buy anything before he had to leave we were told, “He had a couple of quid in cash on him so he used it for some chicken and mushroom ‘Snack Noodles’, but they are fucking rank I’d have rather gone hungry.”