Opinion: The 13th Black Crusade was provoked by Cadia joining the Imperium

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As voices like myself and my colleague, Nurgle Farage, have stridently made clear for years, the Imperium expanding to the Cadian systems was a clear provocation to the inhabitants of the Eye of Terror.

Abbadon the Despoiler, who I have met and know to be a reasonable and peace-loving man whom I do not believe would crash a Blackstone Fortress into a planet just to make a point without the direst of reasons, had no wish for conflict with us, and his previous twelve so-called ‘Black Crusades’ were in reality humanitarian and peacekeeping operations.

Instead, the Cadian system should have been left as a buffer between the Warp and Reality – and if it were not depopulated, well, it soon would have been.

The formation of Cicatric Maledictum will provide an essential  – and rightful – sphere of influence for Abbadon’s forces, and he has assured me that he has no interest in further territorial expansion.

Yes, there have been occasional misunderstandings between Holy Terra and Abbadon, such as the time members of the Word Bearers tore the souls from Imperial citizens whilst visiting a cathedral on the Throneworld, or the time he used the Destroyer Plague on civilian populations, but these were justifiable and limited actions to defend his legitimate interests.

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The Black Legion are natural allies to the Imperium, and we should be fighting by their side against our true enemies such as the Primarch reborn, whose expansionist wars can only lead to trouble later.