Man boycotting Coca-Cola demands large Fanta with his McDonald’s meal deal

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A man who is boycotting Coca-Cola for refusing to withdraw its products from Russia has demanded a large Fanta with his Big Mac meal deal at McDonald’s.

Simon Williams, who will also not be touching Diet Coke revealed his position earlier after finishing a can of Dr Pepper before heading to his local McDonalds for lunch.

Speaking earlier he raged, “This’ll show them.

“You’ve got to do your bit you know and really take a stand against these large corporations who continue to operate in that country.

“I’ve decided to boycott Coca-Cola to try to hit them hard, so I’ve just been drinking Sprite and Dr Pepper because they are its biggest rivals and not affiliated to Coca Cola at all.

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“That’s why I have demanded that I get an alternative drink to Coke when I have my lunch today at McDonald’s, and instead opted for a Fanta.

“I just think it’s disgusting that this company has refused to speak out over Ukraine and I won’t be touching a drop of its drinks until it does.”

Asked if he knows that McDonald’s also has hundreds of restaurants in Russia, and Coca-Cola owns everything he is still drinking, he told us, “Really? Aww fuck this then it’s all getting a bit much to be honest.

“Can I just stop drinking Coke Zero instead? It tastes like shit anyway.”