Mum picks up wrong Harry Potter from school

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Literally everybody dressed up as Harry Potter for World Book Day, leading to a mum taking home the wrong child.

With the exception of a couple of Pokémon, a Yoda and an Optimus Prime, all of the students at St. Luke’s Primary School dressed up as the titular wizard.

“Didn’t realise he wasn’t my Timmy until we got him home and he took off the glasses and wig.” confirmed mum, Hayley Rice.

“I literally don’t know who this kid is. He says his name is Kevin. He started crying because we thought we had kidnapped him and he was too scared to say anything. It’s all been very annoying.

“Anyway, he’s managed to stammer out his mum’s mobile number so she’s on her way.”

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Kevin’s mum commented “Yeah we got Timmy. He’s comparatively chill, to be fair. Almost wish we could trade permanently.

“It’s Kevin’s fault, to be fair. I bought him a Willy Wonka costume which he refused to wear.”