Huge convoy approaching Kyiv ‘just protesting vaccine mandates’ insists Russia

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The miles-long convoy currently clogging up Ukraine’s main highway is a legitimate protest against vaccine mandates and masks, and attacks on it are a serious infringement of free speech, according to a statement issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs today.

Rejecting any suggestion that the convoy was supported by Russian interests, spokesman Simeon Wiliamsovitch told the last reporter remaining in Russia that it was important people understand the legitimate concerns of the convoy drivers, on pain of death.

“Ukraine recently introduced rules insisting anyone crossing their border must be vaccinated and these drivers are protesting the unjustness of this law,” he said.

“If they have to, they will take their protest to the heart of Kyiv and bring the city to a standstill by any means necessary.

“As usual it’s one rule in the so-called ‘free west’ and one rule for ordinary, hard-working truckers, tank drivers and MLRS operators, and suggesting otherwise is fascism.”

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