Sanctions could see Russia as isolated as post-Brexit Britain

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There is speculation the sanctions imposed on Russia by the rest of the world could lead to it becoming as isolated on the world stage as Britain has become since Brexit.

The sanctions, which include financial penalties, cultural isolation, and the imposition of a pariah status, are thought to be largely the same as those which Britain imposed on itself by process of its own Brexit deal.

“I wouldn’t say Brexit was the model for these sanctions,” explained Eleanor Gay, an economist who advised the US and EU on how to target sanctions against Russia.

“It’s just that by imposing crippling sanctions on a country and completely isolating them in the international community just happens to look a lot like Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

“I mean, if you’d said to me – would you ever want to inflict as much financial, cultural and diplomatic damage on a country as Britain did to themselves with Brexit? Then I’d have said no, of course not, we’re not monsters.

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“It’s just that the biggest set of sanctions ever imposed on a country just coincidentally happens to look a lot like Brexit.

Meanwhile, in Russia, a local man – Simon Williamsovitch – walked around a supermarket full of empty shelves and inflated prices and marvelled.

“British people actually voted for something like this to happen? To themselves? Extraordinary.”