Mike Riley’s apology to Everton overturned by VAR

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Mike Riley’s apology to Everton Football Club following a decision not to award a penalty against Manchester City has dramatically been overturned by VAR.

With news emerging today that head of the professional referee’s body, Mike Riley, had personally apologised in a phone call to Everton manager Frank Lampard and Everton Chairman Bill Kenright, further news has now emerged that the apology was, in fact, an error and has been overturned by VAR.

Explaining the decision earlier, VAR assistant Chris Kavanagh confirmed “The apology has been ruled out, sorry.

“We’ve had a look at the words spoken by Mike Riley today, and upon closer inspection, the decision was incorrect and has subsequently been ruled out by VAR.

“The decision, therefore, reverts to our previous position of absolutely no explanation whatsoever of how we managed to miss the most blatant handball of the season, along with a number of other things in almost every game.

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“Obviously we can understand Everton’s disappointment, having thought that they’d had an apology, but in line with all other VAR decisions we have decided to wait for a very long time before finally making a different decision, which is of course incorrect.”

Asked if there is any particular reason that the apology has been ruled out we were told, “Erm… offside, I think.”

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