Man who used birthday wish for Covid to be off the front pages imagined it going differently

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A Basingstoke man, who used his birthday last week to wish for the topic of Covid to finally end its dominance of the front pages, admits he imagined it completely differently.

“I was so looking forward to the time when the news is finally no longer full of Covid, Covid, Covid,” says Simon Williams.

“It was almost unbearable. It was also quite scary and I began to be concerned if we would ever be able to continue as normal, given the division of society and such.

“So I blew out my candles and made my wish – that Covid would finally be consigned to the less important pages of the newspapers.”

However, now that for the first time in months a new topic has dominated all the headlines, everything is even more depressing.

Williams takes a cautious look at BBC News online, but quickly closes the page again. He opens Twitter. He closes Twitter again.

“Yes, well… I’d rather have Covid news again, to be honest,” says Williams, “but I’ve got another 360 days to wait before I can wish it all back again.

“Covid was all a lot nicer somehow? I mean: What’s the current case infection rate? How about some more discussion about the implications of compulsory vaccination? What about 4G? 5G? Masks? Anything? Please?”

This article first appeared on our German partner site Der Postillon.