Liz Truss removes Instagram photos of her posing in Margaret Thatcher’s underwear

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In the midst of the current crisis, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has quietly removed a series of posts of her posing in what she claimed was ‘Margaret Thatcher’s authentic lingerie’.

The post explained that some years ago she had bought a batch of Margaret Thatcher’s old clothes and underwear in a charity auction.

One photo saw her posing in a lavender blue bra and knickers set that, the post claimed, was worn by Mrs Thatcher when she first met Ronald Reagan in 1975 before his first run for President.

Another has her in the garden posing provocatively in a greying pair of bloomers that Mrs Thatcher wore when she gave her victory address following the 1983 election. Ms Truss is topless, but is covering herself with a Union Jack flag.

“I think that, what with the perilous state of the world at present, Liz felt that having the Foreign Secretary posing in vintage lingerie, however tastefully, was undermining the United Kingdom’s standing on the global stage,” explained a Foreign Office aide.

“I argued that it wasn’t really possible for the United Kingdom’s standing on the global stage to be any lower, but she chose to remove the photos anyway.”

Lifelong Tory supporter Simon Williams was disappointed the photos were removed.

“There’s nothing wrong with a good-looking Foreign Secretary showing what she’s got,” he said.

“The fact that the photo included Thatcher’s pants as well only added to the whole effect. Still, I suppose it’s for the best. If I play with it anymore it’s going to fall off.”