Man who spent two years ‘fighting for personal freedom’ now furious at Deborah Meaden for using hers

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A man who has spent two years fighting what he insists is ‘authoritarianism’ during the Covid pandemic, insists that it is a disgrace that Deborah Meaden has exercised her own personal freedom on whether to wear a mask or not while in public.

Meaden, who had the temerity to share a photo of herself wearing a mask on social media, has found herself bearing the brunt of freedom-loving patriots who are furious at her using her freedom.

“I am so angry!” said Simon Williams.

“How DARE she wear a mask in public even though we won in our fight against the government and now we don’t have to.

“We didn’t fight for people to have the freedom to choose whether they wear masks only for people to go ahead and choose to wear them.

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“Yes, I realise this makes it look less like I’m concerned about freedom than I am about people agreeing with me, but that’s just how the MSM will spin this interview when it gets published.”

Sociologist Eleanor Gay told us, “Some people will call it ‘virtue signalling’, but we would argue that there only two reasons to be triggered by a photo of someone choosing to wear a mask, one is that your brain is finding it hard to see someone demonstrating a virtue that you personally do not possess – namely that of caring for others.  Or, you’re on the grift and you’re simply after those delicious golden outrage clicks.

“I think we can tell from a cursory glance at Deborah’s Twitter feed which is which.”