If those bits of Ukraine want to be independent, just let them, says man who insists Scotland must stay part of the UK

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If there are regions of Ukraine that don’t want to be under the control of the Ukrainian government, then they should just let them go, according to a man who has spent five years insisting Scotland must stay part of the United Kingdom.

Simon Williams, an armchair commentator who has skillfully pivoted from expertise in EU trade deals and epidemiology to Ukrainian geopolitics said, “If the people of Donetsk and Luhansk want to be separate from Ukraine, then we should just let them.  If they want to be Russian, so what – that’s their choice.

“Everyone should be allowed to determine their own future, free from the control of a government they don’t recognise and which probably doesn’t have their best interests at heart.

“No region should be kept under the authority of a government they don’t want against their will.

“Unless they’re Scottish, obviously.

“If they’re Scottish then it would be a huge mistake to separate from Westminster because determining their own future would be a disaster – for them.

“Yes, I understand to non-experts in global geopolitics that this will look a bit like hypocrisy, but hear me out. Ukraine should let those regions go to Russia because it’s a long way away, doesn’t affect me personally, and Russian money is quite helpful to our economy.  Whereas Scotland is quite close, affects me personally, and losing Scotland from the UK would harm our economy and our already diminishing standing on the global stage.

“I hope that clears it up for you.”