‘Footballers should boycott the final in Russia’ insists government that previously told footballers to stay out of politics

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Footballers should boycott the Champions League final in Russia according to the government, who have previously advised footballers to stay well away from politics.

As the crisis in Ukraine continues, foreign secretary Liz Truss and her government have urged footballers from English clubs to boycott the Champions League final held in Russia, should they get there, after previously telling footballers to stick to playing football.

Speaking earlier she told confirmed, “Footballers need to take a stand against Russia, but not about hungry children that need feeding, obviously.

“We have a real and dangerous crisis in Ukraine that could result in war, so we need the footballers to step up and sort this bloody thing out and show those Russians what’s what.

“Obviously anything else closer to home, such as asking us to feed and look after hungry and vulnerable children is none of their business and they should stick to playing football.

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“Same with the racism stuff, they should just keep away from politics and let us do our job.

“But this whole potential nuclear war thing with Russia, and the hostile situation potentially affecting millions of people worldwide needs footballers to make the decisions and get deeply involved in the politics.”

Asked why she is not making such decisions herself about boycotting tournaments and sanctions we were told, “Erm… that’s what Marcus Rashford is for.”